BDK brick is the term used for the bricks that are needed not just for the structure, but also for aesthetics, energy efficiency, and value. These are the bricks that are intended to be left exposed on the walls of the building without any plaster or paint. These are lightweight, high-quality, high-strength, and differently coloured cement bricks that are fired at a really high temperature. You’ve likely seen face bricks on homes, commercial buildings, fire-places, backsplashes, entry gates, multi-family developments, retail developments, schools, and universities. You can now buy these bricks for your own use from India’s leading manufacturers of bdk bricks at the best prices.





Khadi Brick







Timeless Beauty

Brick products never age. They last through centuries like the aqueducts in Rome. Brick is the material of the past the present & the future, preferred because of its timeless beauty.

Time Saving

BDK Bricks need not be plastered after installation. They can be left exposed which in turn not only saves plaster, labor and paint costs but also time.

Our brick performs well when left exposed

Bricks properties like compressive strength, water absorption, efflorescence and warpage are carefully monitored to deliver the best qualities that make our brick capable of performing better when left exposed.

Forget about the maintenance

Brick and related products never fade, peel or rot. Therefore, you will never need to paint and will hardly ever have to clean. Compare a brick home with others and soon you’ll realize how much money, effort and time brick homeowners save.

No Color Pigments

The colors in the bricks and related products are achieved by mixing clays (sourced from various parts of the country) and firing the resulting mixture at a certain temperature. There are no artificial colors or pigments added to get the required colors.


The modular size of brick offers endless design options.